Energy Storage System 700kW – 1400kWH


AVL recently integrated and commissioned a UL9540 rated BESS at a refrigeration facility.   The BESS is a 0.7 MW/1.4 MWh system connected behind the facility meter, designed to provide 0.7 MW of power, on-demand, to cover part of the facility load. AVL designed and integrated the system for our customer who provided the LG Batteries,

Energy Storage System 700kW – 1400kWH2021-04-07T15:38:50-04:00

Outdoor Electrical Power Centre Enclosure


AVL has completed a turnkey, fully insulated Outdoor Electrical Power Centre Enclosure. The enclosure is 36’ X 12’ X 12’ and houses nine (9) TPS switchgear cubicles. Ancillary equipment includes a 250 Amp ATS, 24 VDC station power supply panel, 45 kVa transformer & 225 A Distribution Board. Heating and cooling will is provided by

Outdoor Electrical Power Centre Enclosure2021-04-08T11:54:59-04:00
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