Project Description

Water Purification & HVAC Systems

AVL Manufacturing offers a containerized media filtration and water bagging system. The system with seven levels of purification is one of the best methods of purifying and packaging surface water on the market. Potable drinking water can be made for humanitarian relief missions, remote camps, and industrial use with ease. All of our containerized systems are designed from the ground up with our customers’ needs and specifications in mind.

There are a number of unique benefits to AVL’s containerized systems that aren’t available to an in-room plant. Aside from the advantages that come from the portability, containerized systems are entirely self-contained. Containerized media filtration systems can be designed with multiple tanks, allowing one to backwash while the others continue to provide high-quality product.

Our containerized system utilizes a single on-board genset to energize a series of modular equipment POD’s, providing both flexibility and redundancy. The POD’s are equipped with water purification and water bagging systems, with the option to add modular HVAC POD’s.