We are excited to announce that AVL was awarded the contract from HITEC Power Protection to build one of their proprietary diesel rotary uninterrupted power systems (DRUPS). HITEC has been designing notable power innovations since 1894, and built the very first rotary UPS system and the rotating filter concept that continues to be at the heart of their innovative products today.
The dual 45’ long enclosures will connect side by side and allow for full internal access. The system will employ two (2) Cummins 2MW diesel gensets integrated with HITECS UPS technology. AVL’s scope will include the fabrication of the dual enclosures (including removable roof panels for ease of removing components by crane) radiator penthouse structure, paint finish and installation of all mechanical and electrical components. Testing at AVL is scheduled for early January 2019 with an install date at HITEC’s customer site in Redmond, Washington scheduled for late January 2019.