It was a pleasure to work with our customer on their latest project. AVL, along with our sister company ECO-H Technologies, collaborated with our customer to design & build a specialized energy storage system (ESS) for a wastewater treatment plant in the City of Santa Rosa, CA.  Our customer created an ESS that would ensure 100% plant uptime by facilitating the seamless transition from the utility grid to the diesel gensets.  In the event of a grid power failure, this compact 588 kWh ESS outputs 2 MW of power for 15 minutes.

Our Applications Engineer overcame a huge challenge when the site was not large enough to support a standard 40-foot containerized ESS. Nuvation worked with us to build a compact 24-foot container that met all specifications. PCS integration and final testing were performed at Parker Hannifin – Energy Grid-Tie Division. We look forward to future projects with Nuvation Energy.