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Canada’s Premier Packaging Specialist For Integrated Systems

AVL Manufacturing Inc. has a vast portfolio of products & solutions. Our expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly & single-source supply chain management is founded in over 20 years of top tier workmanship.

Our diverse customer base participates in the following markets; oil & gas, mining, power generation, automotive, nuclear power, automation, construction & emergency management.

We take pride in our ability to bring innovative engineering, backed by a quality assurance program that has awarded AVL Manufacturing Inc. with international recognition.

Our core competency and strength is based on manufacturing, with a strong backbone in engineering & innovative design. This is coupled with a facility that is absolutely second to none.

Top Stories


AVL News Article 013

Aslan Technologies

AVL Manufacturing is excited to work with Aslan Technologies and Lystek International in completing the packaging of the first, low temperature, low pressure mobile Thermal Hydrolysis Processing unit (Lystek Mobile THP®) – a first in the biosolids and organics management sector in North America.

This new innovation was conceived in response to growing market demand from smaller scale treatment plant operators for sustainable biosolids management solutions in support of the movement toward resource recovery. It is designed to operate entirely within two vertically stacked 50’ custom made containers and requires minimal, external utilities.

AVL News Article 012

Let's Talk Energy

Let's Talk Energy Event had a great turnout at AVL Manufacturing 243 Queen Street North. Our expert panel consisting of Toromont CAT, AVL Manufacturing, NRG Peaks, GHD, Safetypower & Certarus discussed scenarios that are challenging electricity consumers in Ontario.

This free info session was a great oppurtunity to discuss how industry leaders are leveraging Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Energy Storage System (ESS) and the latest natural gas engine technology to mitigate rising energy costs & Global Adjustment.

AVL News Article 011

HITEC Power Protection

We are excited to announce that AVL was awarded the contract from HITEC Power Protection to build one of their proprietary diesel rotary uninterrupted power systems (DRUPS). HITEC has been designing notable power innovations since 1894, and built the very first rotary UPS system and the rotating filter concept that continues to be at the heart of their innovative products today.

The dual 45’ long enclosures will connect side by side and allow for full internal access. The system will employ two (2) Cummins 2MW diesel gensets integrated with HITECS UPS technology. AVL’s scope will include the fabrication of the dual enclosures (including removable roof panels for ease of removing components by crane) radiator penthouse structure, paint finish and installation of all mechanical and electrical components. Testing at AVL is scheduled for early January 2019 with an install date at HITEC’s customer site in Redmond, Washington scheduled for late January 2019.

AVL News Article 010

Thompson Power Systems

We are happy to announce that AVL was awarded the contract from Thomson Power Systems (TPS) to provide a turnkey, fully insulated Outdoor Electrical Power Centre Enclosure. The enclosure size will be 36’ X 12’ X 12’ and will house nine (9) TPS switchgear cubicles. Ancillary equipment includes a 250 Amp ATS, 24 VDC station power supply panel, 45 kVa transformer & 225 A Distribution Board. Heating and cooling will is provided by two (2) 5 TON HVAC units.

The final destination for the switchgear enclosure will be a water treatment facility in Cambridge, Ontario and is designed to -40°C to +40°C. Scheduled onsite installation is December 2018.

AVL News Article 009

Toromont CAT Power Systems

AVL was awarded the contract from Toromont CAT Power Systems to design and build four 2MW natural gas CHP systems. Each systems will have jacket water heat recovery, and will be powered by a CAT G3520H. The four systems will be installed at greenhouses in the Niagara Region for a federally licensed producer of medical cannabis. Delivery of the four systems is scheduled for late 2018.

AVL News Article 008

Nuvation Energy

It was a pleasure to work with the Nuvation Energy team on their latest project. AVL, along with our sister company ECO-H Technologies, collaborated with Nuvation to design & build a specialized energy storage system (ESS) for a wastewater treatment plant in the City of Santa Rosa, CA. Nuvation created an ESS that would ensure 100% plant uptime by facilitating the seamless transition from the utility grid to the diesel gensets.

Our Applications Engineer overcame a huge challenge when the site was not large enough to support a standard 40-foot containerized ESS. Nuvation worked with us to build a compact 24-foot container that met all specifications. PCS integration and final testing were performed at Parker Hannifin - Energy Grid-Tie Division. We look forward to future projects with Nuvation Energy.

AVL News Article 007

Hamilton Community Energy

AVL was approached by HCE Energy Inc. to build an Industrial District Energy System -- a two-megawatt natural gas system to provide electricity, hot water and steam to heat or cool the Authority's tenant buildings on Pier 10.

This 2MW walk in CHP system (combined heat and power) is located adjacent to the Arts & Science brewery on Burlington Street East, and is part of the Authority's move to deliver clean and efficient energy to its industrial and business tenants, and to transition into an industrial hub.

AVL News Article 006

Toromont CAT Power Systems

AVL is very proud to announce that we have completed the contract from Toromont CAT Power Systems to build seven, 1MW trailer packages for their rental fleet. The 40' custom ISO containers are employing CAT's C32 engines, and were shipped on time for Toromont’s spring rental kick off. Our relationship with Toromont continues to grow with this repeat order for their rental fleet.

AVL News Article 005

Wajax Power Systems

AVL was awarded the contract from Wajax Power Systems to design & build four 3MW walk in enclosures for a new state of the art data centre, located in the heart of Canada’s digital corridor in Richmond Hill’s prestigious Barker Business Park Digital Campus. The four enclosures were shipped on time and on budget, despite very tight delivery times allocated to the project.

AVL News Article 004

Toromont CAT Power Systems

AVL is very proud to announce that we have been awarded the contract from Toromont CAT Power Systems to build seven, 1MW packages for their rental fleet. The 40' custom ISO containers will house CAT's C32 engine. Our relationship with Toromont continues to grow with this repeat order, and were up for the challenge to have all seven units tested and ready for the spring rental season!

AVL News Article 003

The Green Organic Dutchmen

AVL was approached by cannabis producers The Green Organic Dutchmen (TGOD) from Ancaster, Ontario to design and build a temporary laboratory for their drying and extraction operations. The fully insulated four room laboratory consisted of two production rooms that were GMP compliant (wipe down only), main entrance change or “clean” room and a utility/electrical room. Complete electrical, HVAC & fire suppression were also provided.

AVL News Article 002

Toromont CAT Power Systems

AVL worked closely with the Toromont applications team to design and manufacture a 500 kW walk in arctic package to be employed in Naujaat, Nunavut (formerly known as Repulse Bay). The Inuit hamlet is located on the shores of Hudson Bay in the Arctic Circle, so careful considerations had to be given to the design based on the harsh weather in this region.

AVL News Article 001

Evoqua Water Technologies

AVL engineers collaborated closely with Evoqua Water Technologies on designing a fully insulated, modified 53’ intermodal container. This package will employ a reverse osmosis system to treat boiler water at an Oil & Gas refinery in Houston, Texas. Complete with heat resistant coatings, anti-slip floor, hurricane rated door hardware and tie downs & flame resistant wall panel. Exceptional work by our shop staff!